DESCRIPTION (Please read)

DESCRIPTION (Please read)

  • All of our clocks are quiet, non ticking, smooth running clocks.
  • Customization Opt.–Add a family name, quote, logo, or a photo. (Free Mock ups on request)
  • The faces are printed  (sharp crisp lines). Washable. Please see our video on how they are made.
  • Most run on AA battery.
  • Please give us 2 – 12 business days to make your wall clock–then add shipping time to your particular area.
  • (The large wall clocks  – 48 inch and 60 inch sometimes take a little longer).
  • Hands vary depending on the size of the wall clock and availability.


  • These clocks are OPEN-FACED (meaning no frame).  No glass, no glare!
  • The base is one solid piece of 1/2 inch MDF wood (heavier, nicer feel than cheap thin clocks)
  • Our faces are printed directly on the MDF wood base.
  • Nicely finished, rounded edges.


  • Beautiful Maple
  • Chestnut:  Darkish brown with a just a touch of red.
  • Espresso:  Black Stained Wood-you can still see the grain through the stain so it is not solid black.
  • Glass Cover.
  • Thick, Chunky Awesomeness (2.5 inch to 5 inches in depth depending on diameter)

(See weight, diameter, warranty info under tabs)


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