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    Japanese Koi Clock

    This Japanese Koi Clock offers a touch of culture to your place with its Kanji numbers and Japanese Koi fish face. The colors are beautiful. There are many sizes to choose from. Frames are also available.

    We have this wall clock in many different sizes 10″, 12″, 15″, 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 48″ and 60″! Frames can be added too. Most of our frames are offered in chestnut brown and espresso black. Please see the videos to see how our clocks are made and the material they are made out of. We offer a Life Time Warranty on your clock mechanism. Our clocks are twice as “beefy” as our competitors. Instead of being only 1/8 or ¼ in thick, they are ½” thick which gives them a more quality feel.

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    Kanji White Clock

    This Asian clock or Kanji clock offers a touch of culture to your place with its Kanji numbers and Japanese flag-inspired face. The colors are beautiful in deep red and white. There are many sizes to choose from.

    Scroll down on the page to see our frame options.  The clock as shown is an open faced clock. It is really nice as is, but you CAN add a frame on SOME sizes.

    • Our clocks usually take 2-6 business days to make. The largest ones take a few days longer.
    • LIFETIME WARRANTY.  We will replace your mechanism (not the entire clock) for as long as you own it. Mechanisms are tested before mailing, however, if it is damaged in shipping we will mail you a replacement. Some assembly is required to replace the mechanism. Our contact info is on clock back.
    • SILENT QUARTZ MECHANISMS! Our clocks are very quiet. No annoying ticking!! Our clocks sit flat against the wall and do not wobble. The mechanisms are as recessed as possible, which makes for a nicely finished product.
    • HANDMADE IN AMERICA BEAUTIFUL **PRINTED** FACE ON SOLID PIECE of 1/2″ MDF WOOD PRODUCT. The face is NOT a sticker. It is printed directly on the wood. Our clocks feel solid because of the thicker mdf wood. Our edges are nicely rounded. It takes us just a few days to make your clock. We are usually much faster than is listed.
    • HANDS VARY DEPENDING ON CLOCK SIZE & AVAILABILITY. We try to offer the hands shown, but the larger and smaller hand styles vary slightly.
    • OPEN FACED—NO GLASS NO GLARE! Easy to read from all angles.
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    Wedding Clock 8

    This gray chevron wedding gift clock has a unique design which makes it an excellent wedding gift. Just give us the couple's initials and wedding date and we can put it on the clock face of the personalized wedding clock. Frames are also available. Many sizes to choose from.

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    Wedding Clock 7

    This chevron turquoise wedding clock makes a great gift for the newly-wedded couple. Just ask us to put in their initials and the date of the wedding. It's also available in many sizes. You can ask to include a frame, as well.

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    Apple for the Teacher Clock

    This apple wall clock makes for a a unique teacher appreciation gift, or as an addition to your own classroom/office. The apple design and added quote makes for a nice inspirational message. Frames can be added to your liking.

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    Chalkboard Wedding Clock

    This Wedding Clock is on a background that looks like a chalkboard (it is not). Request in the Explanations box any additional things you would like removed… This is one of our favorite designs for wedding clocks.