RoseRooms (Non Custom –Noelle’s Designs)

RoseRooms (Non Custom –Noelle’s Designs)

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  • These are Quiet, Non-ticking small and large wall Clocks
  • Customization Opt.–Add a family name, quote, logo, or a photo. (Free Mock ups)
  • Giclee printed face (sharp crisp lines). Washable.
  • Most run on AA battery.   48 inch and 60 inch run on C battery.
  • Please give us 5 – 12 business days to make your wall clock
  • (The large wall clocks  – 48 inch and 60 inch sometimes take a little longer).
  • Hands vary depending on the size of the wall clock and availability.


  • These clocks are OPEN-FACED (meaning no frame).  No glass, no glare!
  • 1/2 inch wood back (heavier, nicer feel than cheap thin clocks)
  • Nicely finished edges.


  • Beautiful Maple or Weedwood
  • Chestnut:  Darkish brown with a just a touch of red.
  • Expresso:  Black Stained Wood-you can still see the grain through the stain so it is not solid black.
  • Glass Cover on 12, 18, 24 inch, (Plexiglas on larger clocks for safety–it cost me quadruple to get Plexiglas, but it will be safer than a big sheet of glass)
  • Thick, Chunky Awesomeness (2.5 inch to 5 inches in depth depending on diameter)

(See weight, diameter, warranty info under tabs)

We are a small US company located in Mesa Arizona.  We make small clocks, extra large wall clocks, huge wall clocks.  We can make personalized clocks, and/or customize a new clock totally. We love making new designs. We also make promotional clocks (just contact us).  Our large wall clocks are original designs.  We also have clocks that are similar to Timeworks and Restoration Hardware.  Please contact us if you have any questions.  Thank you for looking at our large wall clock selection.



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