I have two types of mechanisms.  Check the finishing piece on top of hands to see which one you have.

How to install new mechanism with a screw cap copy

How to install new mechanism--Press on Cap copy

Try these things first. (Remember your mechanism has a lifetime warranty):

  1. If your clock is not working, loosen the hex nut that is on top of the clock face and under the hands.  If it is too tight it compresses the works inside the mechanism.
  2. Try spinning the long hour hand clockwise for three rotations. It sometimes helps the works get moving correctly.
  3. If the short hand is hanging down to the 6, you can press it down onto the plastic part of the mechanism.  First point the short hand toward the 12 and use your thumbs to rock it down toward the face of the clock.
  4. If there is a brass screw on top, make sure that is not super tight.  It needs to let the hour hand go around.
  5. If the hands are touching, you can bend them so they don’t touch.
  6. If you are using a HEAVY DUTY battery, change to a normal battery.
  7. Sometimes the best thing you can do is take your hands off and put them on again.
  8. See videos below.

How to change your mechanism Video One

How to change your mechanism Video Two

LIFETIME WARRANTY:  It is important to me that you have a working clock. I buy the best mechanisms I can and we test them for 24 hours, but sometimes they get damaged in shipping or have other issues later. For the first year, we will send you a new mechanism. After that, you need only pay shipping and handling of $8 for as long as you own your clock. We do not send resend the clock. We will send you a new mechanism and instructions on how to replace it. We will not take returns for non-working mechanisms.(this warranty does apply to Uttermost clocks).

We buy the best mechanisms we can, but sometimes they don’t work. Please let us know if yours is not working. We do not replace the entire clock, but we will send you a new mechanism. Here is a tutorial on how to replace the mechanisms for any of our clocks.

Click here for our new video on how to change your mechanism–Press on Caps

Click here to our other new video on how to  change your mechanism–Screw on cap

This is our old video, which is also very helpful!!!!

Please read and order carefully.  We spend a lot of time making each clock.  If you are unhappy with your clock, returns are accepted if you contact me within 5 days of receiving your clock.  The clock must be received in our warehouse in 15 days.  You will receive a refund minus shipping and a 15% restocking fee for non custom clocks and a 25% restocking fee for custom clocks since we can’t resell them.  If your mechanism is not working we do not send an entirely new clock.  We will send you a new mechanism. There are open-faced clocks and framed clocks.  You CANNOT get a refund  on a clock because it does not glass.  It is clearly stated in the product descriptions, so please don’t buy an open-faced clock and complain it has no glass. Buy a framed clock that has glass.

If your glass breaks in shipping, we will send you new glass not a new clock.

Not at this time.

Yes!! We have a GREAT little converter that allows you to convert  your battery operated clock to a plug in.  It has a power outage protection so your clock will still run when the power is out.  It costs $24.00

Link to power converter

No.  Sorry!  Shipping is free only in the continental US.

It takes about 2 -15 business days to manufacture your clock. We try to get them done really fast.   Our clocks ship from Arizona and Utah so shipping will take 2 – 7 days depending on where you live.  Sometimes  your processing  time may slightly exceed that due to summer breaks and vacations. 

Our handmade clocks take longer. Your listing will tell you how long your handmade clock will take. They take more like 2 – 4 weeks.


Most all of your clocks run on one AA battery.   If you use a Lithium battery, the battery should last for several years. Don’t use a heavy duty battery!!!!

12″= 2 lbs    18″= 6 lbs            24″ = 10 lbs                30″ = 15 lbs              36″ = 22 lbs                 48″ = 32 lbs             60″ = 75 lbs.

Open-faced clocks: My large wall clocks that are open-faced don’t have glass.  Glass causes a glare. It is much easier to wash our clocks than glass.  You can wash our clocks with a damp washcloth.   It will say in the description if it has glass.

Framed Wall Clocks:  The wood clocks have glass. It will say in the description if the clock has glass.  The 60″ clocks never have glass.

Open-faced clocks:  The wood  used to make our clocks  is 1/2″  compressed wood (MDF).  MDF is a great choice because it doesn’t warp and it is really tough. Our 60 inch huge wall clocks are made of a birch plywood or 3/4 inch mdf depending on availability.

Framed wall clocks: Our framed clocks are made of New Zealand Pine.