About Us

What do we do?
We have clocks for sale online, but we don’t have many clocks is stock. We make them quickly when we get the order. We have hundreds of unique styles of large wall clocks and small wall clocks.  Because we make them on demand, we are able to have this huge selection.
Why we are different?
Because we make your clock especially for you, you can request custom changes.  Personalizing our clocks is also something special about us.  We can put names or logos or pictures etc. on your clock.
Can you do make custom clocks?
We can also make completely new styles that are not available on the site. Be sure to email us and see if we can help with your project.
Can you make Promotional Clocks?
Yes! We have some great options. Please call to discuss your needs.

I’m Noelle Ray, the founder and owner of The Big Clock Store. Thanks for coming by my shop! My family and I live in Arizona. I started this business about 12 years ago and I am still having fun! Most clocks on my website are original designs. I really love thinking of new styles…. This website is super unique because you can have a one of a kind clock made. Because we make them one by one as we get the orders, we can customize them in many ways. You can add a name or phrase, logo, or picture. Do you need a brand new specialty clock designed? Give us a call or email us. We can send you a mock up. These clocks make great anniversary clocks presents, logo clocks for businesses, school mascot clocks for senior class gifts, great for the home, and cute kitchen clocks. You can add the couples picture or a special thank you phrase along with wedding or hire dates. Please let us know if you have a big wall clock in mind that we don’t have on our website. We can help design your perfect clock.

Our brand name is J. Tyler & Co or Joseph Tyler Clocks…

J. Tyler & Co. 1744 W. Main St. Mesa AZ 85201