Contemporary Wall Clocks

Conceptualizing, planning and crafting clocks in the avant-garde category is one of my favorite things to do. Why? The possibilities are endless. The rustic industrial Heavy Metal Clock and Kanji Clock are worlds apart in terms of design elements, yet both hue to prevailing trends in contemporary wall decor and both instantly lend a cutting-edge feel to any wall they adorn.

Features Of Our Modern Line of Clocks

  • Made To Order Based On Your Design Criteria.
  • Lifetime warranty on vast majority of clocks.
  • Whisper quiet functionality – see your clock, don’t hear it.

If you had a particular cutting-edge contemporary clock design in mind and don’t see it here please feel free to contact us. We love hearing new ideas and working with people to craft the perfect clock that they’ll be happy with for years to come.

See our Entire Selection of Gigantic, Five Foot Diameter Wall Clocks.