Cooking is Love Clock 2

Cooking is Love ClockCooking is Love ClockCooking is Love ClockOPEN FACED CLOCKOPEN FACED CLOCKS30 - 48 back and sideOpen Faced ClockSide view of Espresso colored frame00 brown frame
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Cooking is Love Clock 2

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This charming, vintage style kitchen wall clock has a light tan face and black accents can be personalized. It looks very classy, and goes great in your kitchen, dining room, or restaurant. Many round wall clock sizes are available, just choose! Frames can also be added.

Cooking is Love Made visible. A variation of this quote was explained by Kahlil Gibran. (Work is Love Made Visible) As wives and mothers, sometimes we forget that cooking for our loved ones is more than just cooking. It is our way of showing our love–a gift to our families.

This could a nice Mother's Day Gift. You can customize by adding your loved ones name (see personalized example).

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