Fairwind Clock

Fairwind Clock

A classic, vintage themed light tan clock for your home. This wall clock looks great in just about any room, and you can put your family name on the center instead of the default text–just... Learn More

A classic, vintage themed light tan clock for your home. This wall clock looks great in just about any room, and you can put your family name on the center instead of the default text–just put it in your order notes. Many sizes to choose from, and frames can be added as well.

We are a small US company located in Mesa Arizona.  We make small clocks, extra large wall clocks, huge wall clocks.  We can make personalized clocks, and/or customize a new clock totally. We love making new designs. We also make promotional clocks (just contact us).  Our large wall clocks are original designs.  We also have clocks that are similar to Timeworks and Restoration Hardware.  Please contact us if you have any questions.  Thank you for looking at our large wall clock selection.

Larger files may take a few minutes to upload. Thanks for choosing Big Clocks.

We accept the following file formats up to 25mb in size.


It is important to upload a high quality image whenever possible to prevent distortion or pixelation. Please upload the larger resolution file you have in the appropriate file type.

You should to chose clock size OK
OPEN FACED CLOCKOPEN FACED CLOCKS30 - 48 back and sideOpen Faced ClockFairwind-4Fairwind-3Fairwind-2Fairwind-1
1. Choose Size First none
2. Roman/Regular? none
3. Customize Clock? none
Option#4 will pop up. Select option.
4. Add Your Own Words? none
Text box will pop up. Optional mock ups on choice 6 ($5).
Tell us what you want. Example: Top of Clock--1st line: The Ray Family. 2nd Line: Est. 1995. Bottom of clock: Mesa AZ
Design in pop up box.
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5. Request Mock up/Help none
Include miscellaneous concerns or gift card requests here.
Refunds will be given if you don't like our mock ups (only BEFORE clock ships). Add $5.00 for mock up help.

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  • mega combo frames

    Add a frame?

    Add clock to cart then use back arrow to return to the product and then select a frame.

    We have several types of frames to offer. Not all sizes are available in all types or colors.  Design your clock and add to cart then you will use the back button to return to add a frame.   You will need to select a frame the same size as your clock.  For example if you have selected an 18″ clock, you will need to select an 18″ frame to add to it. (Scroll down to see example pictures).


    Birch Wood:  (Glass Covering) These wooden birch frames are also a little bit more modern, but the light wood adds warmth and texture.  These are so lovely as well!

    Espresso Black Wood and Chestnut Brown Wood Frames:  (Glass Covering) These are really thick and solid wood.   The 30″ choice is actually 29″, the 36″ choice is 35″ and the 48″ choice is 46.5″ diameter). Type of wood: Beautiful Maple. Thick, Chunky Awesomeness (2.5 inch to 5 inches in depth depending on diameter)

    • Color one–Chestnut:  Darkish brown with a just a touch of red.
    • Color two–Espresso:  Black Stained Wood-you can still see the grain through the stain so it is not solid black.

    Black Metal Frames: (No Glass)  These are my personal favorites because I do not like the glare of glass over my artwork.  LOVE them! They are simple and clean but add dimension. They are shy of 2″ deep.  You will NOT be disappointed. They are gorgeous!

    Silver Metal Frames:  (Glass Covering) These silver metal frames are amazing for a more modern look. They have a glass covering. They are almost 2″ deep.

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