Logo Clocks

Most clocks on this site can be made into logo clocks or even promotional clocks (these are just some examples…so look through the site to find a clock to add your logo to, or use one of these). Because we make these clocks as we get your order, we can customize your logo clock to fit your needs. The best thing about our logo clocks is that you can get just one.

We don’t change any set up fees. Most of our clocks come in many sizes and beautiful wood or metal frames with glass are an option.

Our designers are very talented and experienced at creating one of a kind logo clocks. Please email for help or for a mock up. We make beautiful logo clocks that would fit nicely as a board room clock. These logo clocks will give your workplace a more professional look.

  • Face 3, Birch Frame, Logo Clock
    Quiet Mechanism Label

    Logo Clocks.

    Design the perfect clock! Please request a mock up if you want one in the notes of the order. Choose an open-faced clock with no glass (this type of clock is printed on solid 1/2 inch MDF wood) or choose a framed clock with glass. There are three frame styles to choose from.

    ALSO SELECT: Clock Size, Frame/No Frame, Face Color, Number Style, Hand Type, Add a Logo or Words.

    When you receive your clock, we would love to see a picture of how it looks in your room!!

  • waterford logo clock
    Quiet Mechanism Label

    Waterford Logo Clock

    This clock style is my husband’s favorite…I love it too.  You can put YOUR name or logo on it if you’d like. The colors are yellows, gold and parchment.

    We have this wall clock in many different sizes 10″, 12″, 15″, 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 48″ and 60″! Frames can be added too. Most of our frames are offered in chestnut brown and espresso black. Please see the videos to see how our clocks are made and the material they are made out of. We offer a Life Time Warranty on your clock mechanism. Our clocks are twice as “beefy” as our competitors. Instead of being only 1/8 or ¼ in thick, they are ½” thick which gives them a more quality feel.

  • Quiet Mechanism Label

    School Clocks

    Our store can make many, different school wall clocks for any person, purpose or occasion! We have pre-made school clocks that can be customized, and we also take requests for your own school clock designs. Our school wall clocks are available in different sizes. Frames can be added, too!

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